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Perfect your game, in the perfect setting.

With over 20 years experience coaching golf from complete beginners to advanced golfers, we believe that the best way to consistently improve is through a clearly planned lesson programme, and now, with Trackman, supported with clear metrics and analytics. We have found this approach has proven more effective than the odd occasional or perceived quick fix lesson thanks to the unique data displayed and captured . Only through regular interaction with your North London PGA coach, can clients build a solid, dependable, consistent golf game that gets results.

We have everything you need to improve your game

Friendly Coaching

Giulio’s clients enjoy friendly, fun and informative sessions and support outside the lesson environment as needed, and you may even get a free Italian lesson if you’re lucky!'

On the Course Tuition

Let’s take it outside! Take what you have learned indoors, outdoors with Giulio, our PGA Pro there to further guide and support your game.

Video Analysis

Trackman 4 gives us instant feedback on club delivery, launch, ball flight, and landing helping us to understand, analyse and review data around our client’s golf swing. This invaluable data and video play back facility is the most effective way of improving and eliminating inconsistencies in your swing.


Build some practice sessions into your lesson plan. Take some time to put our PGA Pro’s expertise into practice with Trackman 4…you know what they say…practice makes perfect!

Lesson Packages

Choose the package that best suits your needs, or talk to us for something bespoke

to Golf at NLGA

  • Check out the facilities with no ongoing commitment
  • Have an opportunity to discuss your future as a golfer.
  • You will receive an assessment your current ability.
  • We will demonstrate our Trackman technology and how it can support your improvement and enjoyment of the game.


1 hour

Includes discount code for £10 off
your first 1-hour practice session

Beginner Package
25-54 hcp.

During our coaching sessions we will ensure you are doing the key fundamentals to achieving lower scores:


  • Correct grip
  • Athletic stance
  • Good posture
  • In depth and practical understanding of your swing, from takeaway to transition and ball impact.

8 lesson package


Upgrade to include
Practice Sessions

Lesson and Practice Bundle
8 x 1 hour lessons + 8 x 1 hour practice sessions


Intermediate Package
15-24 hcp.

  • Having issues with inconsistent ball striking resulting in shanks, occasionally topping the ball, or hitting a little too much turf.
  • Your distance control with you Irons and wedges is erratic and the dreaded round destroying slice is still haunting your driver swings.
  • Our lesson plan adopts the extensive use of video and Trackman data to measure and analyse swing efficiency, ball impact location on the club face and the key elements that effect distance and ball direction such as club path, club face angle, club head speed etc.

6 lesson package


Upgrade to include Practice Sessions

Lesson and Practice Bundle
6 x 1 hour lessons + 6 x 1 hour practice sessions


Advanced Package
5-14 hcp.

  • We combine traditional coaching techniques, a wider set of Trackman data, Capto putting precision technology, your practice video footage and specific training drills.
  • At the end of this course you will have the key to more distance, improved ball flight how to introduce and remove spin form your shots to suit different playing conditions and an improved putting stroke.

4 lesson package


Upgrade to include Practice Sessions

Lesson and Practice Bundle
4 x 1 hour lessons + 4 x 1 hour practice sessions


Scratch Golfer Package
0-4 hcp.

  • Our Scratch golfer package is a bespoke training package designed to address the specific issues limiting the potential of your game.
  • Using both our wealth of coaching experience, the extensive technology available and the great practice facilities at our academy, we will help you to fine tune your already impressive talent to consistently score under Par.

2 lesson package


Upgrade to include Practice Sessions

Lesson and Practice Bundle
2 x 1 hour lessons + 4 x 1 hour practice sessions


1-on-1 Lessons

Need a one off lesson?

30 minute tuition
£45 each
Fine Tune
1 hour tuition
£85 each
Give us a call for details on group golf coaching