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We originally opened March 2009 and have been at the current location in Sudbury since around the end of 2010. With a remit to provide expert golf tuition regardless of the weather conditions we are pleased to provide the following facilities:

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About Us -

Justin Case

Job position
Giulio has taught in various golf clubs in Italy and the UK. He has adapted his teaching techniques to enable players of all levels and ability to thrive. His holistic method of coaching revolves around teaching someone to “play” golf as opposed to working on building the perfect looking golf swing.

Enthusiasm is at the heart of Giulio’s coaching methods, working closely with his students to develop all aspects of their game helping to see positive results both in practice and on the course. Giulio’s clients enjoy friendly, fun and informative sessions and support outside the lesson environment as needed, just be prepared to sharpen up on your Italian before dropping in.

The best technology

About Us -

All our bays are running the latest Trackman 4 tracking radars to give us instant feedback of club delivery, launch, ball flight, and landing. Trackman is being used by 49 of the world’s top 50 golfers for the simple reason that it is the most effective tool available to golfers who want to understand, analyse and review data around their golf swing. Equally Sky Sports and the leading broadcasters also use Trackman to help analyse swings for viewers. This invaluable data is the most effective way of improving and eliminating those inconsistencies in your swing.

Check out the clips below to see the Trackman in action.

In addition to lessons we offer these additional services:

•  Custom club fitting and recommendation

•  Club repairs and re-gripping

•  Corporate venue hire – flexible on day, time and set up

•  Social use – play any one of over 150 courses including 17 major, 9 Ryder Cup and 60+ tour venues

•  Membership – use our private members room to work on your game

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