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An Introduction to Trackman Fundamentals

While most of us are never going to be as good as Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, or Rory McIlroy, Trackman is a revolutionary piece of equipment that helps many professional and amateur golfers get the best out of their games.

Trackman monitors ten different fundamentals. The statistics produced by Trackman allow golf teachers to highlight the weaknesses of their students and create bespoke lesson plans that will help elevate their games to the next level.  

Have a golf lesson with Trackman, and you’ll be able to check these ten fundamentals.


We all want to hit the golf ball further. Who wouldn’t want to create more eagle chances by knocking it on the par 5s in two shots? 

Smash Factor

Smash Factor is a relatively new term in golf but hitting the ball longer and more consistently is every golfer’s dream. Trackman shows you how you can optimize your contact at impact to maximise your smash factor. 

Spin Rate

Every club in your golf bag needs to produce an ideal spin rate to help you control your golf ball. Whether it’s a low spin rate for long straight drives, or a high-spin rate with your wedges for drop and stop control, Trackman measures how your clubs perform. You may need to change your swing, or you might benefit from altering or swapping your current clubs.

Launch Angle

Buying a set of golf clubs straight off the shelf isn’t the best option for most golfers. Trackman measures your launch angles and tell you if your clubs are helping or hindering your golf game. 

Launch Direction

One of the reasons why many golfers don’t hit their golf balls consistently is their face angle at impact is incorrect. Trackman pinpoints your launch direction, and your golf teacher will tell you how to correct your faults. 

Club Path

A perfect combination of attack angle and swing direction creates a desired zero club path angle. Discover if your swing path is too out-to-in or in-to-out and learn how to swing on a better path. 

Spin Axis I

If you curve the ball from left-to-right or right-to-left, working on your Spin Axis I will help you hit your ball straighter.


Spin Axis II

Learn how your club path and face angle determine the flight of your golf ball and take the necessary step to hit your ball longer and straighter.

Straight Shot

Learn the three combinations of spin axis and launch direction that will allow you to hit a straight shot.

Bounce and Roll

The golf courses we play sometimes require us to play different shots. Many drivers and fairways woods are now adjustable, so learn how to use your landing ball speed, land angle, and spin rate to optimise how your golf ball bounces and rolls.


Use Trackman to get the best out of your golf game.  Book a lesson with a golf professional at the North London Golf Academy.

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