Prepare for Your Golf Holiday at the North London Golf Academy -

Prepare for Your Golf Holiday at the North London Golf Academy

The world is opening-up again after the Covid-19 pandemic and many of us have already booked a golf holiday abroad. Whichever of the great golfing destinations you’re heading to, the NLGA will help you make your holiday even better.

If you’re not sure what to take with you on your golf holiday, check out our golf holiday checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything important.

  1. Make sure you know the Covid rules of your destination. You don’t want to be stranded at the airport because you’ve not got a negative test or proof that you’ve had your jabs.
  2. Make sure you pack your golf clubs in an appropriate travel case and, if it’s a soft case, add some extra packing such as towels around the heads to avoid travel damage.
  3. Take enough money to cover everything you’ll need to buy, and a bit extra in case you want to treat yourself to some merchandise.
  4. Check the weather forecast for your destination and make sure you take the appropriate clothing.
  5. Book buggies or electric trollies in advance if you think you’ll need them.
  6. Make sure you’ve got plenty of balls, especially if there are water hazards where you’re going.

Using our checklist isn’t the only way the NLGA can help make your golf holiday great. If your game’s not at its best in the build-up to your golf holiday, book a lesson with our professionals, who will use their many years of experience and expertise to correct your faults. Lessons at the NLGA also include valuable feedback from state-of-the-art Trackman 4 technology.

Trackman allows us to find and correct your swing faults and helps you pinpoint the distances you hit each club, including how far you carry the ball and how far it rolls. Knowing these numbers will help improve your game and lower your scores.

Trackman takes this one step further by calculating how the distances you hit the ball will be affected in different weather conditions. It considers the type of golf ball you use and how different wind strengths and rain affect your ball flight. If you’re heading to a warm destination, use Trackman to predict how much further you’ll hit your golf ball in hot and humid conditions.

The simulators at the NLGA are the perfect place to practice what you learn before you travel. Test your distances on our virtual golf ranges or challenge your golf holiday buddies to target games. You can also play some of the world’s top courses on our simulators, so check out whether you can get a practice round on one of the courses you’re playing on your holiday.

Make the North London Golf Academy your perfect pre-golf holiday destination by booking now.

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