Demonstrating golf club grip

Nothing quite beats hands-on

There are many ways to improve your golf game. Practising at home is one, and there are a host of putting drills that you can do in the comfort of your living room, such as rolling the ball into a cup or checking your aim is true along the skirting board. But a home environment is not so good when you want to practice a full swing and value your light fittings!

Trackman of course is a fabulous tool, and our golf bays are equipped with this cutting-edge tech to analyse every aspect of your swing. Club speed, dynamic loft, face angle, everything is distilled and presented so you can focus on microscopic improvements that make a big impact to your game.

But what if you want that personal analysis? Something human. That’s where we’re here to help you.

Why choose our PGA Pro Giulio for coaching?

  1. Personal touch
    While Trackman can offer technical analysis, a real person watching your swing and offering advice is more nuanced. Giulio can assess aspects such as your grip and stance and show you tips that will improve your overall flow.
  2. Break the habit
    Bad habits are very easy to pick up in any sport. If you’ve developed some that are detrimental to striking the ball well, guidance will allow you to undo their effects and improve your game.
  3. Improve consistency
    In tandem with Trackman, Giulio’s expert eye can offer tips on strengthening your swing every time you hit the course.
  4. Faster route to success
    You could stand at a practice tee for months or even years wondering why your shot flies wide, but it only takes a few swings for a trained coach to see what you need to do to boost swing consistency.
  5. Tailored coaching
    No two people are alike. Giulio takes this into account and offers advice to suit your ability level, at a pace that suits you, whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps, or an established golfer looking to break 100 or reduce your handicap.

In addition to all the above, it’s fun! And at NLGA – within easy reach of North or West London – we have one more ace up our sleeve: it’s indoors. So if May’s wet weather has been delaying your access to the fairway, there’s no better time than to visit us.

Slots book up fast, so be sure to use our direct booking form. Lesson packages are available for great savings on the hourly rate, so give us a call and let us help fuel your improvement.

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