How to Keep Golfing During Lockdown -

How to Keep Golfing During Lockdown

We may not be able to play golf during the latest Covid-19 Lockdown, but you can still spend some time fine-tuning parts of your golf game.

Sure, you can’t head down to your local golf course and boom some big drives down the fairway or stiff some iron shots next to the pin. You can’t even pop into see us at the NLGA and use our state-of-the-art simulators and Trackman facilities. But what you can do while you’re at home is – WORK HARD ON YOUR SHORT GAME!

Work on Your Putting Indoors

If you’re going to work on your putting during the lockdown, you can buy a golf practice putting mat. But there’s no need to, as there are plenty of putting drills you can practice at home on a rug, carpet, or even your laminate flooring. Indeed, practicing your putting on a variety of surfaces is even better, as this will improve your feel for greens that are running at different speeds.

If you love to see the ball roll into the hole, then turn a mug or cup on its side and putt your golf ball into the open end. Just remember not to use the best china or any mugs with sentimental attachments – as wayward putts have been known to cause chips or even knock the handle off. This drill will help you with your putting accuracy.

Pace is also important when you’re putting, and there are a couple of easy putting drills you can do at home to improve your feel for distance. If you like to drop putts in dead-weight, get a piece of paper and draw around your mug/cup to make a circle. Cut the circle out and then try and putt your ball onto the circle. Vary the distances you putt from, as this will improve your feel for different length putts.

If you like to putt more aggressively, aim the ball 13 inches past the hole. Putts hit at this pace hold their line for longer and maximize your chances of holing more putts. You can get the feel for this by putting two coins hole-width apart, then try to hit your putts between them and 13 inches past. Again, vary the lengths you putt from to increase your feel for distance.

Work on Your Chipping in the Garden

If you’ve got a garden, there’s no excuse for not practicing your chipping. You can buy expensive chipping nets, but there’s no real need to. However, if you’re worried about taking divots from your pristine lawn, use a matt.

Buckets or old flowerpots are good targets for chipping into, and you can try and do this using different clubs and from different distances. If you’re looking to improve your consistency, chip one ball and then try and hit it with another one from the same spot.

Chipping in the garden

If there’s another golfer in your house, turn these short game drills into a competition. If not, just imagine how much you’ll enjoy beating your mates when the lockdown is over.

So, remember to practice with enthusiasm – as ENTHUSIASM FUELS IMPROVEMENT!

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